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My First Quilt July 11, 2009

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It’s a Parade of quilts. Camille at Simplify and Carrie at La Vie en Rosie are hosting a challenge and posting photos of their first quilt and their most recent quilt or other project. And of course, I’m up to the challenge. Anything in the name of a hobby.

I have only been quilting two years. It is something I fought tooth and nail about getting into as a hobby. Why would anyone in their right mind buy fabric, cut it up, and sew it all back together? Such time. Such little pieces. Such craziness!

Wedding planning was over and I was just about ready to graduate college, (Finally! But that will be for another post.) and I was bit by the bug. The quilting bug. My poor husband. He didn’t even know what was coming.

When I expressed interest to my avid quilting mother, she couldn’t contain herself. She stopped everything. She quickly handed over a sewing machine, fabric (that we had picked out years before), a rotary cutter, mat and any other supplies I might need. She didn’t want me to lose interest before I had been completely sucked in. She too is a Hobbyist Hobbyholic.

Here is my first quilt.
My First Quilt

I was lucky enough to have many seasoned quilters by my side for this quilt. If I hadn’t, I may not be a quilter today. It was a challenge to say the least.

And here is the most recently completed quilt.

Most Recent Quilt

This quilt was fun to make and went together easily. Pattern is Second Hand Clothes by Paula Barnes.

Things I have learned from the first quilt to this one…

  • If it doesn’t bother you, don’t feel the need to do it again.
  • All points and seams don’t have to match perfectly. Majority of people looking at it won’t know the difference.
  • The more exact your cutting is in the beginning, the easier the pieces come together at the end.
  • Not all people can fully appreciate what goes into making a quilt from start to finish.
  • When you gift a quilt, you have to let go.
  • If you start to despise your current project, set it aside and come back to it later.
  • Being the youngest in a quilting group is okay, they seem to like youth.
  • Be open to new ideas.
  • Never say never.

10 Responses to “My First Quilt”

  1. SPKarenO Says:

    Those are beautiful!! I’ve decided I need me some of those seasoned quilters to help me out, as I have yet to finish my first quilt. I think its time to move that project back up to the top of my list. Maybe after vacation…

  2. thehobbyholic Says:

    Thanks Karen. Looking forward to seeing your quilt. Let me know how it goes.

    Have you found a seasoned quilter? There is a shop in Upland I love. Ginger’s Quilt Shop. They are pretty nice and a decent sized store.

  3. Carrie Says:

    Hi Robin ~ Welcome to blogging and thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts, your stories and your wonderfully-stated lessons! Truly, you said it perfectly.

    I think the reason we relatively-sane, seemingly normal quilters like to cut up perfectly good fabric so that we can sew it back together again is the whole notion of it being “our voice”. Whether it’s how we tell someone that we care enough about them to actually take the time to make them something, or whether it is through a combination of fabrics and colors that we express our joy, our sorrow or whatever, we really do tell a story with every quilt we make.

    I know I’ve made one or two of those quilts that say “I love you enough to use this really awful fabric that you picked out for a quilt that I’m sure you’ll never really appreciate.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for sharing and for joining in ~ and I hope you have as much fun with blogging as I’ve had.

  4. Lisa D. Says:

    Both of your quilts are just beautiful!!!

  5. Lucy Says:

    LOL — you made me laugh.. why would anyone cut fabric and then sew it back together again?? Ha ha ha.. Reminds me of my hubby — when I first started.. he said. “Tell me again — why are you doing this”?

    Anyway — lucky you to have so many quilt experts. And I love your recent project… the chain piecing is so striking to me — and the fabrics look familiar. Hmmm reminds me of Moda’s Chocolat line.

    • thehobbyholic Says:

      Thank you Lucy. Hopefully your husband has come around to fully appreciate your work.
      The line is the new Morris Workshop by Moda. I love Moda!

  6. Teresa Says:

    I’m still waiting for one of my daughters to catch the bug. One is really into knitting and spinning right now so that’s fine. The other has the “camera bug”. She’s a very talented photographer. So I’m blessed to have talented daughters.
    Yes, we “old ladies” enjoy having you “youngens'” in our groups. I’m the second youngest in my stitch group (I’m 53).\
    Thanks for sharing you quilts. They’re great!

    • thehobbyholic Says:

      Thank you Teresa.
      Hopefully in time your daughters will become interested in quilting. It took me years. I didn’t even want to step foot into a quilt shop and then one day I did. Just like that. Go figure. Happy quilting!

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