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“My Husband Rocks” Friday July 11, 2009

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On Fridays I will be posting reasons why “My Husband Rocks.” I got the idea from a friend who started a blog and she got the idea from one of her friends. It is just a great way to praise and affirm our husbands.

My husband rocks. Paul has started a new business venture of Foreign Exchange Trading. It is kind of like trading stocks but with foreign currency. He didn’t get much sleep last night as he was waiting for some trading to occur. He went to bed after me and was up before me. He even slept on the couch so he wouldn’t wake me up. As I was turning the water on for a shower I noticed a spider, in the shower, that I wasn’t awake enough to kill. I mean awake enough to deal with myself. He came to my rescue. Now killing a spider doesn’t seem like much, but 5 min after waking up, he might as well have been on a white horse. To top it off, he cooked me breakfast. My husband rocks!


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