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There Is No Place Like Home July 30, 2009

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We didn’t drive all the way to Sonora on Tuesday. Ft. Stockton ended up being home for the evening and yesterday we made it the rest of the way. It is really good to be home!

On our drive out, Mary Ellen had to find herself some Banana Laffy Taffy. She looked at EVERY gas station we stopped at. She finally broke down and got a variety bag at Wal-mart, once we finally made it to California. While that was enough to hold her over for a little while, it wasn’t enough to tide her over for the rest of the trip. She lucked out at a bulk candy store on the Long Beach pier. Let’s just say, they don’t have any more banana Laffy Taffy.


She didn’t even make a dent in the bag on the return trip.

I am happy to be home. 6 days out of 10 in a car is a long time!


2 Responses to “There Is No Place Like Home”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    The Laffy Taffy is finally finished AND can I say it was delicious. Must be time for another road trip. I hope I don’t have to drive all the way to Long Beach to get some more!!

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