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My Husband Rocks Friday August 1, 2009

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My Husband Rocks Friday Saturday

We moved to Katy, TX eight months ago today and I am happy to report, we feel settled. We are making friends. Finding restaurants to replace, add or substitute our favorites from Los Angeles. We enjoy the larger kitchen. Laundry doesn’t seem so overwhelming, since we have a washer and dryer down the hallway, instead of down two flights of stairs. And despite the heat outside, I love the fact I have a yard. We have definitely adjusted to living in a house instead of a cracker jack box sized apartment.

For Paul living in a house means having space for a garden (among other things I’m sure). A few months ago he planted 6 (different) tomato plants, 6 zucchini plants, 3 bell pepper plants and 2 mint plants. After a few weeks of bird problems, he fixed that.

Paul's bird free garden.

Paul's bird free garden.

Without the birds eating the fruits of his labor, we started enjoying the tomatoes.

My favorite of the season - sweet 100 tomatoes.

My favorite of the season - sweet 100 tomatoes.

Birds are a little easier to spot than these little fellas.

Sneeky little thing.

Sneeky little thing.

Paul found 9 of them yesterday. Yes. NINE!


Don't miss the second on at the bottom of the photo.

Don't miss the second one at the bottom of the photo.

And yesterday I got to taste the first bell pepper.

It was delicious!

It was delicious!

I on the other hand planted two hibiscus plants. His plant choices are more enjoyable at this point, as mine have stopped flowering and his tomato plants are still producing. My green thumbed husband Rocks!


One Response to “My Husband Rocks Friday”

  1. Sara Says:

    Way to go Paul! Do you pull weeds??? If so do you want to come visit you can even bring Robin along!! My tomatoes are not looking as good as yours but my pumpkins are flowering and my carrots are looking good. So sometime this fall I should have veggies. Enjoy the produce anything you grow is always 1000% better than anything in the store. I’m happy to hear things are looking good in Texas.

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