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New Project! August 4, 2009

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I love to start a new project. There is something about the newness. New materials to play with. Something new to look at. New directions. New accomplishment. And hopefully, I’ll finish it before the newness wares off.

The fabric for my next quilt.

The fabric for my next quilt.

The down side to starting a new quilting project is, there is a lot of cutting.

448 squares, cut and ready to go.

448 squares, cut and ready to go.

It is interesting that cutting is my least favorite part of quilting; as that is what I do at work every day, and most days, all day.

This pattern is almost all half square triangles. I am hoping the use of the papers shown in the next picture will make all of them come together seamlessly. ha ha. A pun and I didn’t even mean for it. Okay. It’s late. Moving on.


Using “Spinning Stars” (read: quick method to the dreaded half square triangle) makes things go a lot faster. It also means I didn’t need to cut 960 smaller squares, to start with. I will, however, need to cut all these papers in to 8 triangles and press them open to get my half square trianges. BUT the idea is that all the triangles will be the exact size I need without further trimming (again read: much easier).

About half way through this step.

About half way through the pile.


7 Responses to “New Project!”

  1. jen Says:

    don’t really understand the papers and the half square triangle business, but i totally love the fabric selection. beautiful!

  2. thehobbyholic Says:

    I will post an “all about spinning stars” in the next few days, so you can understand (and hopefully be inspired to start your quilt).

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  4. Mary Ellen Says:

    Spinning Stars are my absolute favorite way to make half-square triangles. They are even better when you can get someone to cut them apart and press them open. Happy quilting.

    • thehobbyholic Says:

      I am still not 100% convinced about Spinning Stars. I am sure once I go to sew them together and they all fit great, I’ll be converted.

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