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My Husband Rocks Friday August 21, 2009

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Our friend Nick refers to us as “Sweet and Savory”. I like to bake and Paul likes to cook. I am truly blessed with a husband that likes to do such a thing and I am okay with handing over the kitchen to him. He has his favorites… steak, bacon, steak, steak, bacon and steak. You see the trend? But he also has some other recipes I enjoy. Wednesday he made one of my favorites. (of course, there is one of the two ingredients he loves in it – bacon)

Apple and bacon topped pork steak on a bead of leaks.

Pork steaks topped with apples, bacon, shallots and balsamic on a bead of chard.

This was the dish he came up with for Valentine’s Day this year and I enjoy it each time he makes it again. My husband rocks.


One Response to “My Husband Rocks Friday”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    I think I need the recipe for that. I’d like to convince Peter to try his hand at it. Remember, I don’t cook or bake.

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