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Delicious September 14, 2009

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Last week was a difficult one. A lot of different things contributed to that, including but not limited to the realization that Friday marked my last year of my twenties. Being 29 isn’t horrible. I know that. But tears were still present. The week did get better and definitely ended well.

Two days before my birthday, my friends at my sewing group on Wednesday had a lunch celebration for me. Lots of great food and some delicious desserts made by Joyce.

Chocolate Jelly Roll

Chocolate Jelly Roll

Lemon Jelly Roll

Lemon Jelly Roll

Both were delicious, but I’m not sure there was enough of the lemon one! 🙂

Friday was my birthday and it was great. All the build up to 29 being horrible, (all in my head of course) was not needed. Let me just say, my husband Rocks. He got up early like he usually does to get some work done. He also headed to the store, picked up the things he needed for all the cooking and baking (yes, baking) he was going to do. When I got up he cooked me breakfast while I got ready for work and when I finally got myself to the kitchen, there were roses, a mushy card and chocolate.
I did go to work on my birthday. Paul had work he needed to get done and my friends are at work, so why not be with friends? Besides, if I hadn’t come I would have missed out on a pound cake that Paula made and this lovely note that Mary Elllen left for me.

The fine print reads: Insert ME voice where needed.

The fine print reads: Insert ME voice, where needed.

I got home and had some fun things waiting for me that had come in the mail. I love getting stuff in the mail. Even more so when they aren’t bills!

Paul pulled out a rather large wrapped box and asked if I wanted to open my present before or after dinner. Before dinner of course!! It was a professional waffle iron.

Insert happy dance here.

Insert happy dance here.

I have wanted one for some time now. I love belgian waffles and the waffle irons I have owned previously just did not cut it. This one, definitely gets the job done! It isn’t in the shape of texas or Mickey ears, but I’m not that picky. I promptly asked if we could have waffles for breakfast the next day, and he said, “How about for dinner?” He had prepped so we could have a waffle bar. It was great!!

All the fixin's

All the fixin's


The first waffle!

The first waffle!

In addition to all this waffle goodness. Paul also made me a brownie peanut butter cup ice cream cake.

Here is what is left.

Here is what is left.

Brownies with ice cream and peanut butter frosting. It is delicious!

Getting older isn’t so bad. I’m still younger than my husband!

Where you think you will be in the years ahead isn’t always where you may have intended, but that doesn’t mean that isn’t where you should be. Maybe a little too profound, huh?


2 Responses to “Delicious”

  1. Joyce Young Says:

    What a wonderful ’29’ birthday! You have so many more good ones to come! Can you believe, life really does begin at 40? 50? and now they tell me 60???? Can’t wait to try the waffles! What a great friend you have, 2 jelly rolls??????? I hope I get to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  2. Sara Says:

    Now I’m glad I didn’t give you a hard time about 29 in your card! Have no fear is my attitude goodbye 20s hello 30s. Well I say that now I’ll let you know how I’m doing in 3 months!! 29 was great for me I hope I don’t fall apart at 30 since 25 was rough. I’m hoping the knee and back hold out at least a few more years. Maybe I only have major episodes every 25 so I have another 20 to go!! I think I’ll visit just for the waffles…..

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