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Socks January 25, 2010

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I have been slowly, let me say again S.L.O.W.L.Y. getting back into my hobbies.

Now one might think this means I would dive back into quilting and be whipping out quilts and other projects with no abandonment. But no. Me? I get back into a hobby I’m not sure I could have fully owned as a hobby in the first place. Knitting.

I dabbled in knitting a few years back. My friend Jenn was working on a project and I became intrigued. Hello! It was a new hobby. How could I not resist? But my first experience with knitting didn’t set in as quickly and comfortably as other hobbies in the past have. I had some problems with making things other than scarves. Okay. Basic knit and pearl scarves. I lived in Los Angeles, so really, how many scarves does one Southern Californian need? I did successfully knit and felt a purse. That would be my most accomplishing moments with knitting (thanks to my sister). But trying to figure out how to un-knit, dealing with dropped stitches and fixing them, trying to read patterns and not to mention, gauge is apparently important. And lastly, probably one of the biggest reasons I shied away… the throbbing in my hands and arms from holding the needles too tight.

So this time around I am coming at it full speed. I started back with socks. (Am I crazy, or what?!)

All is going well. I worked through a dropped stitch 6 rows down. I am working with double pointed needles and 4 of them at that! And I am trying to learn to hold them more gingerly so I don’t have to quit because of pain. Well physical pain. Emotional is still being weighed in.

And of course, Jenn is the one behind it once again. Just hope I end up with two completed socks not just a half of one.


One Response to “Socks”

  1. Sara Says:

    I’m impressed I tried knitting and failed miserably. Well maybe I didn’t give it much effort but I did take the sewing machine out of the box last night! I need to call the place my mom got it to have my little lesson on how to use it. I think I would do fine but she insists I go! Good luck on the sock my mom said the heel was the hardest part but she’s probably made 30 pairs of socks since then so it can’t be that bad! Good luck someday I’ll learn how to knit…

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