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Cupcake in the Oven March 29, 2010

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I promise not to turn this blog into all about baby… but it will pop up. Kind of like a new hobby for me.

12 Weeks

I didn’t want to find out if it was a boy or a girl, but Paul did. At the time Paul was working in Los Angeles while I was back here in Katy, TX, so to help Paul feel a little more included we decided to find out.

16 Weeks

At my 20 week appointment the ultrasound tech wrote the results down and sealed them up. I resisted the urge to open them until I was in LA with Paul 2 days later. I know, shocking, right? I didn’t even peak.

25 Weeks

We are having a GIRL!! And we are affectionately referring to her as “Cupcake” until her arrival out of the oven, June 18th. Common… I’m a baker, why wouldn’t we give her such a cute nickname?

28 Weeks

All is looking great and the doctor is happy with our progress.


Had to share March 26, 2010

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This made me laugh out loud.

Image from ibreakplates


Baby Quilt March 20, 2010

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On Wednesday I bit the bullet at started a quilt. I am trying hard to get past this rut of no sewing I have been in. And what better way than to make a baby blanket for my little cupcake coming out of the oven in June.

The baby room is going to be bright colors – no pastels here.

The two main fabrics are these…

I LOVE turtles and this fabric was perfect!

Another print I love and will probably be curtains.

So of course a quilt to match from the entire fabric line…

Found a pattern in this book that will show off the fabrics wonderfully....

I laid the quilt out last night. And let me tell you… crawling around on the floor, moving things into place now that I’m 27 weeks along, was harder than I thought it would be.

Here is a sneak peek.

Now I’m off to sew it all together….


Down for the count March 4, 2010

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I have yet to progress in my sock endeavors. Well I progressed but then had to retreat. After my week long high from turning the heal of my very first sock, I waited to talk to an “expert” on the next step.

After a quick lesson on picking up stitches I was happily knitting away with excitement that the end (the toe) was in sight. 2+ hours into my happiness I checked my pattern to make sure I had the right number of stitches (a slipped stitch is not a good thing). To my dismay I should have been decreasing instead of simply knitting. A sub running the shop that night and there was some miscommunication between my understand of what she was saying and her assumption as to what I knew about the next part.  She said I could just leave the 8 some odd rows and start the gusset from there.

BUT my first pair of socks would always be staring at me. Yelling. You didn’t do it right!!

Once I got a consensus from the group, I started unknitting or what I have learned is called tinking. Let me tell you, it is not nearly as fun to tink as it is to knit. (I just realized why it is called tinking. *rolling eyes* k-n-i-t spelled backwards t-i-n-k.)

Okay. So I have learned a few things in this process. But process smocess! I’m too sick to go to knitting tonight so my sock has to wait another week! 😦