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Baby Quilt March 20, 2010

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On Wednesday I bit the bullet at started a quilt. I am trying hard to get past this rut of no sewing I have been in. And what better way than to make a baby blanket for my little cupcake coming out of the oven in June.

The baby room is going to be bright colors – no pastels here.

The two main fabrics are these…

I LOVE turtles and this fabric was perfect!

Another print I love and will probably be curtains.

So of course a quilt to match from the entire fabric line…

Found a pattern in this book that will show off the fabrics wonderfully....

I laid the quilt out last night. And let me tell you… crawling around on the floor, moving things into place now that I’m 27 weeks along, was harder than I thought it would be.

Here is a sneak peek.

Now I’m off to sew it all together….


3 Responses to “Baby Quilt”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    The fabric is so sweet! I love the colors. What else will you be doing in the nursery?

    • thehobbyholic Says:

      My mom is making bumper pads and sheets. We are going to make curtains, a wall something and I’m sure other things. Once the walls are painted and the crib is up the ideas will start flowing.

  2. JOYCE Says:

    YEAH! You are blogging again! The quilt is beautiful! Little Cupcake will be happy when she naps on the quilt. Last night dinner was fun. BB enjoyed all of Paul’s attention. Happy Anniversary!

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