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High Ho. High Ho. It’s off to retreat I go. July 14, 2009

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I left for retreat Sunday afternoon. A quilt retreat. And yes, all we are going to be doing is sewing. The whole time. It’s fabulous!

Six of us caravaned 3 hours north or so to a city outside of Waco, Texas. We got here, set up and started sewing.


We brought UFOs (Un-finished Objects) to work on. Not sure how much we will accomplish, but we have been laughing and having lots of fun.

Here is what I finished yesterday. I put the green border on.

My First Mystery Block of the Month

Each month, I received in the mail fabric for one block. I didn’t know what the block would look like. I kept up with the blocks as I got them, which made finishing the quilt a little easier. I am so happy with my first Mystery Block of the Month, I signed up for this years quilt.

Today, I wasn’t as productive. We stayed up late last night. Like, 3am late. Got a slow start to the day and have been having fun doing other things. Tomorrow I am hoping to get more done.

Here is a block I did today for the new Mystery Block of the Month.

Block 1

Tomorrow I hope to post a photo of the Pretzel Quilt blocks all sewn together.