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Citrus June 28, 2011

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My daughter’s first birthday was this past weekend and I went all out. And I mean ALL out! Most people wouldn’t spend the effort for a first birthday, but I have been itching to try some fun creations I have seen online so I went for it. She may not remember it, but we have pictures. The event not only commemorated our first year as parents (we made it through!!) but her first year.


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Not just Crochet June 5, 2011

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… But Tunisian Crochet.

Yesterday I picked up another hobby. Tunisian crochet. Tunisian crochet is a bit of a mix between crochet and knitting. It once was referred to as cro-knitting but that title didn’t stick.

I learned to crochet a while back and had heard about Tunisian crochet but hadn’t had the opportunity to take a class, until yesterday.

I like it. I think it is fun to learn a variation of crochet and add another hobby to my list. 🙂

This is going to be a project bag. Might even finish it today.